2023 saturdays are fully booked. Please click here to inquire about your date.

bridal booking notice

Noelle is a makeup artist and educator.

In order to book your wedding you must FIRST confirm your date availability with Noelle.

If your requested date is available, a $100 non-refundable fee will be required to reserve your date. Once your booking fee is paid we block off the entire day for you and your wedding party.

Please allow Noelle 7-14 business days to respond to your inquiry.

Please complete this form for Bridal Inquiries ONLY. 

Please note that you cannot directly book wedding services with us on the website.

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"I'm seriously obsessed with your brushes?? Now I need a set for my daughter!"


"So happy for you and these brushes are KILLING IT!!"


“LOVE your brushes! Finally got to use them and I'm obsessed!”


“These brushes!!! They’re everything!  I am STOKED to use them!!!!”


“I have your brushes in my living room and I show everyone who walks in because they are that incredible!”


“I just started using your brushes and I'm so obsessed!”


“These brushes are fabulous!! I'm so proud of you!”


“I LOVE your brushes!!! The setting brush is tapered PERFECTLY.”


“No doubt these brushes are the best thing to hit my face in ages!”